Friday, December 21, 2012

Workouts fails

Best workout fail compilation

Funny video with a bunch of examples and fails of workout: fail bunch press, fail squats, push-ups, horizontal bar fails,running, deadlift fails, and big collection of fails can happen to any of us in the gym, home, or anywhere during training and workout.

Watch the following video:

Any of this fail collection has ever happenned to you? Share with us your fails and thoughts in this funny fail video, which can be sad - if it happens to you!

Take care during your workout and lift well, so you wont be added to this workout fail collection!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Leg Exercises - Calves.

Leg exercises - Calves

Don't forget the legs!

If you workout, training your upper body or biceps is not everything. To look proportional, you must work on your legs too. include leg exercises in your workout, or seperate your workout days - one day for legs, one day for upper body, one day for back, etc..

So.. Lets train our legs

In this post I will show you how to train your calves. I will show you recommended calf exrcises and workout you can do to improve your leg muscles.

Exercise #1 - Seated Calf Raise

Everyone can do seated calf raise (beginner too). 
What you need? Machine (shown in the video).
How to seated calf raise:
Starting position - Sit on the machine. Move your legs and place your toes on your portion. Choose your own postioning. Your lower thighs should be under the pad, while adjusted according to your thighs height. Your hands should be placed on top the of the pad.Push your heels up and release the bar.

After everythign is done, lower your heels slowly until you feel your calves totally stretched.
Raise your heels as high as possible and hold the top contraction for a moment.

Exercise #2 - Standing Dumbbell Calf Raise

This exercise is not recommended for beginners. 
What you need? Dumbbell (shown in the video).
How to standing dumbbell calf raise:
Starting position - Your torso should be upright while standing, holding two dumbbells in your hands. Your foot's ball should be on a stable wooden (5-8cm) and your heels should be extended to touch the floor.

While your toes pointing inwards, outwards or straight, raise your heels until your calves are being contracted. Hold the top position for a second, then go back to the starting position.


Exercise #3 - Donkey Calf Raise

This exercise is not recommended for beginners. 
What you need? Someone not too heavy (optional) , Donkey calf raise machine (shown in the video).
How to donkey calf raise: Watch the following video and learn how to donkey calf raise correctly. If you have any questions about this exercise, Feel free to comment and post your questions or thoughts.


Hope your leg day will become more effective! Use this exercises to train your calves and make a better look of your legs. You must work on every muscle position in your body in order to look proportional. You better not work on the same muscle with the same exercises for too long.

Have a great workout!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Abs (Abdominal) Exercises and workouts

Abs (Abdominal) Exercises and workouts

Today I will guide you through a great exercises to train your Abs (Abdominal) muscle. I will show you 3 good different exercises to work on your abs with my experience as a bodybuilder.

Lets start..

1) Cross-Body crunch

Starting position: Lie flat on the ground and bend your knees to about 60 degrees. Keep your hands behind your head and your legs on the floor (flatly).

Now bring your right or left elbow (depend on the site your doing this exercise) and shoulder acorss your body and try to reach touch the knee with your elbow. Focus moving your so shoulder to the knee too and not only your elbow.
Go back to the starting position. Repeat with the right / left elbow.


2) Weighted Crunches

Starting position: Lie flat on the ground and bend your knees to about 90 degrees. Keep your legs on the floor (flatly). Hold the weight near your chest, or above your torso(extended). 

Now roll your shoulders off the floor and get your upper body up without using the legs or moving the lower back off the floor. After your at the top of the movement, hold for a moment at the position and slowly lower yourself back to the starting position.


3) Hanging Leg Raise

Starting position: Hang from a chin up bar while your legs straight down and the pelvis rolled slightly backwards. 

Raise your legs to make 90 degress with the torso and the legs. Hold the contraction for a moment and slowly move back to the starting position.


Have a great workout with this awesome exercises to work effectively on your abs and get six pack if your persist doing this excercises for a period of time.Don't forget to eat some protein food after your workout for your muscles to grow up and recover.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bodybuilding motivation images and media

Bodybuilding motivation images and media

Too lazy for workout? Watch the following list of images and media releated to bodybuilding motivation:

"Life never gets easier, You just get stronger"

He asked me if I squat, now I'm single

No time for gym? Pleas tell me how you watch 3 hours of TV everynight

Bad Break-Up? Just remember, the squat rack will never leave you!

Pain is temporary - Pride is FOREVER!
Lazy people? Wear it!
Even this cat doing some workout! What are you waiting for?

Like this images? Comment your motivation ideas and feelings. Soon more funny and inspirative bodybuilding and excercises images. Hope you like it!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Motivation Video - Akram Omankulov

Motivation Video - Akram Omankulov

So.. you learned in the previous posts about health, fitness, protein food, whey protein products and more things about this world.. Now I will show you motivation videos that will motivate you to excercise.

The first motivation video - Akram Omankulov. Watch:

Soon to be you!

Bicep Exercises

Bicep Exercises

Today I will show you my suggestions of the top bicep exercises, my suggestions to the best exercises to work on the bicep muscles.

1) Ez-Bar Curl

One of my favourite bicep excercise. All can do it, beginners too.
What you need in order to do this excercise: E-Z Curl Bar (w).

How to: Hold the E-Z bar and Stand up straight, Keep your elbows close to your torso.
Raise the weight, focus on moving only your forearms, until your biceps are totally contracted and the bar is in the height of your shoulders. Hold this position for a moment and slowly lower the back to the position you started with.  

2) Hammer Curls

Great excercise for the biceps. Beginners can do it too.

What you need in order to do this excercise: Dumbbell (your perfered weight)

How to hammer curls: Stand up with a dumbbell on each hand and keep your torso upright. Keep your elbows in a small distance from your torso. Curl the weight forward until your biceps are totally contracted. Focus on moving only the forearm. Hold this position for a moment and start slowly to take the dumbbels back to the starting position. 

3) Concntration Curls

Bicep excercice good for anyone.

What you need in order to do this excercise: Dumbbell (your perfered weight)

How to concntration curlsSit down on a flat bench. Hold one dumbbell in your front between your legs. spread your legs and put your knees on the floor.
Hold your upper harm stationary and curl the weight forward until your biceps are totally contracted. Do it until you reach the height of your shoulder (the one you lifting with). Again, move only your forearm!
Hold this position for a moment and slowly start to take the dumbbell back to the starting position. 

Important notice: Keep breathing and inhaling each repeitition on each excercise above.

That's all for today, hope you learned how to workout on your bicep muscle. Soon more excercises on the bicep muscle and other muscles I would like to post on. Hope you liked, Have a great training!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Whey protein - Advantages and disadvantages

Whey Protein - Should I take it?

Whey protein - yes or no? In this article I will focus about a big question: Is whey protein is recommended to take, when you should take it, why you should take it, and explain the advatages and disadvantages of using whey protein.

What is whey protein?

Whey protein is a supplement staple used by bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts and athlethes in order to recover the muscles faster, lean muscle growth and helps to reach the recommended ammount of  protein for a man in a day.

Why people take whey protein?

As said above, whey protein is good for muscle recovery and muscle growth.

Must of the people can't reach the recommended ammount of protein grams each day, so they have to take an additional supplement of protein to reach the number of protein grams they need to reach.
The ammount depends the person weight. Double you weight, and this is the number of protein a bodybuilder need to reach each day. For example, if your weight is 65kg, You will need to reach 130gr of protein each day as a bodybuilder for effective muscle growth and recovery.

How to choose a whey protein

There are 3 main types of whey protein: isolate, concentrate, and blend.
The most quality type (and expensive) is the whey protein isolate, which is the must pure form of the whey protein.
Try and choose the best protein with the lowest fat, carbs, and lactose. Get one with high ammount of protein per serving and low ammount of calories (Unless you want to raise your mass, then you should use Mass Gainer). Don't buy unknown source whey protein isolate powders and ask people who already know something in the whey protein world about their recommendations of good whey protein.

Advantages of whey protein

- The whey protein digestion time is much less than a protein comes from organic protein food.
- Running out of tuna? hey, you have a great protein source to do anytime, fast!
- Whey protein contains gluathione, which is good for the health  immune system. 
- High protein, low calories - Help you lose your fat.
- Plenty of different flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, Banana, Strawberry, coffe, toffe caramel, and more..

Disadvantages of whey protein

- It will not raise your mass.
- Some people take too much protein (about 4-5grams for 1kg of their body weight) which is bad and can be very harmfull to the body.
- Some people use the whey protein instead of eating a good meal. Whey protein is not a replacement for a meal and it is recommended to have protein from different sources of food.

When to take whey protein?

You can take your whey protein whenever you want, but I will tell you when is the best time to take it.
- After a workout: Some researches say that taking a good source of protein 0-30 minutes after a workout will help your muscles regenerate faster and has more effect.
- In the morning: After a long time of no-eating in the night, it is recommended to take whey protein in the morning to continue the muscles growth.

My whey protein recommendations

As a bodybuilder, I recommend you to check out 100% Whey Gold Standart  whey protein of OP (Optimum nutrition), my favourite flavor is Chocolate.
Gold standart
Dymatize iso 100
In addition, I would reocmment on Dymatize ISO 100, that can be found in different flavors such as banana, Cookies and cream, berry, chocolate, vanilla, pina colada and more flavors. These are my recommended products for bodybuilding, Soon I will explain on Creatine and more products you should check out.

Hope you liked my article, keep updated on the latest information of the health and fitness blog!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Food contains protein

Hello everyone.
 In this post I will explain about protein and what you can eat in order to gain protein. Protein can be found in our food.

 First of all, I will explain what protein is. 
Protein: Large biological molecules consisting amino acids. For the full explenation, check out protein in wikipedia.

Protein helps us to build and repair muscles. Bodybuilders usually takes double of their weight in gr of protein per day. This is helping them regenerate their muscle faster, build it faster and maximize the effect of the muscle build. Most of them, cant reach this ammount of protein in a day, so they get help from a whey protein.
Protein whey is a product contains quality protein, mixable with water, milk, etc. Each shake contains about ~25gr protein.

So..Protein whey is just one and unorganic way to get protein. What are the natural ways?
Here you can find the list of food contains protein and how many it has:

Beef hamburger: 28 gr protein.
Beef steak: 42 gr protein.
Chicken breast: 30 gr protein.
Drumstick: 11 gr protein.
Wing: 6 gr protein.
Chicken meat: 35 gr protein.
Most of the fishes: 22 gr protien / 100 gr cooked fish
Tuna fish - 40 gr protein.
Egg - 6 gr protein.
Milk (one cup) - 6 gr protein.
Cottage - ~12gr protein.
Different cheeses -  6~10 gr protein.
2 Tablespoons of Peanut  butter - 8gr protein.
Soy milk - 8gr protein.
Half cup of most of the beans:  ~8gr protein.
1/4 cup cashews: gr protein.

This is important to mix variety of food contains protein (more protein sources = better), and not to eat just one type of food contains it.
A food with high protein rate will help you build your muscles faster, and recover it.

Have a good meal!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

General stuff about workout, fitness, health and protein

Dear readers,
The blog "How To Workout" is now live! In this blog I will explain on workout programs, advices, and recommendations releated to muscle training, life, and fitness.

In this first post, I will explain about the blog type content.
Have you ever wanted to gain muscles and be stronger?
Have you ever thought about the right way to train?
Are you wondering about what to eat, and what food is healthy?

In this blog I will explain everything and answer all of your question about health and fitness, muscles, gym training and how to workout to achieve the great goal - be muscled. How muscled will you be? It all depends on you!

First of all, being muscular person is not just about training. Important things about being muscular is to know how to train, when to do the workout, and very important part of it - what to eat.
Our muscles need protein to grow up. Protein can be found in food like eggs, dairy products, beef (hamburger, steak), chicken, fish, beans, nuts, seeds, and whey protein. I will post about food and protein in my next posts.

Protein helps your muscles grow, and it is recommended to have some after workouts.
Must of the bodybuilders take protein whey after the workout they do, and they are trying to achieve an avarage of 2x gr protein of their body weight.
It means, if your height is 75kg, You will have to take an avarage of 150gr protein each day to make your muscles grow in maximum effect.

In this post I explained about general stuff about workouts, fitness, muscles and protein and on my next posts I will explain on protein and food contains it.

Have a great day!

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